courage, toughness-Dugur

We had a very exciting Saturday! DugurYesterday, we took off on a mini road trip to Wallace, ID. We met with Ruthie. We came back with one more critter!       Meet Dugur…Dugur2


 Ruthie had three pups with her and they were extremely cute, it was so neat seeing them exploring the park!  We had a very difficult time trying to decide which one to bring home with us.    Finally we decided upon this guy.  Dugur is a badger-faced Great Pyrenees pup and he has the specific job of protecting everything smaller than himself. 

Last September we awoke to 5 dead sheep.  At the time we thought it was coyotes, but a couple of months later F.W.&P.   killed a juvenile mountain lion just down the road from us that had killed two ponies.  Lately we’ve been hearing coyotes every morning and thought it might be wise to get something in place and bonded to the sheep.  So hopefully, he will eventually discourage predators and live up to his Icelandic name.  Right now he’s a bit larger then Bellah, our Australian Shepherd.  He’s 4 months old and almost 50 lbs and has incredibly large paws!

 Dugur and Bellah

Dugur and Bellah

His dad was around 150lbs, so Dugur has some growing to do!  He is sooo mellow and sweet and I think Bellah even likes him.

Thanks Ruthie!



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