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kids ice skating

kids ice skating

Well we will see if we can’t get up-to date with this whole blogging thing!  Last Saturday with all the snow melted off the driveway, the kids decided to go ice-skating.   We even put helmets on Teigen and Hayden!  It was so funny watching them we-wobble around, trying to stay upright.  Everyone had such a good time,  until Garrett fell face forward and landed on his chin.  Poor guy!  Mark scooped him up and brought him inside and assessed the situation.  They went into urgent care, where I am told he was very brave!  They numbed the area and he received 8 stitches in blue.  The nurse even gave a couple packets of candy because he held still so well.    If you catch his face at the right angle he looks like he has sprouted blue whiskers!  The kids like to sing Poor Old Michael  Finnigan to him!  Here’s a picture of the finished product!


Garrett's Ice Skating Stitches

He goes back in on Wednesday to have them removed.